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El Futuro En Egipto

OS Voy A contar algo personal, no es nada de importante, pero solo queria compartirlo con ustedes, y perdonarme porque esta en Ingeles :) :)

How I discovered my self
Searching a job is the big worry of every one after finishing his studies , the unlucky people like me go to the army in I stayed about 14 months , but I believe that each experience has its own benefits , yeah I learned many things during my period accomplishing my military service.
Before this I received a training in translation from English Spanish for a three months, I found that it hasn't a good future, after translating the whole document they were giving me 20 pounds, this was in after the first year of the university.

After The second year, at the summer I worked with Amenofis Tours as a Spanish tour leader in the Egyptian oasis (Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga,Farfra, Siwa) I didn't like the atmosphere there the people were heating each other, the managers were stealing the poor representatives, so I left After two months
After the third year I joined Abu Simbel Travel: Representative of Mapa Tours, Spain
It was most respectable company I worked for; there were sense of teamwork and cooperation. I liked that so much although the work was very hard without specific timing
I stayed there for two years I consider them as the best time of my life till now, but unfortunately I had to leave to accomplish the military service
I am free again I did it, now I have my liberty after 14 months of hard life but I was afraid that I have forgotten my skills after one year, it's a long time maybe, so I wanted to make some refresh and I did it: DELE SUPERIOR (high certified course in Spanish language like TOEFL but this one is valid forever) and BBSA (basic business skills acquisition) it was a mixture of the necessary information in business, English, the common computer application and communication skills
Now I am free, where I will work, I saw the image in tourism very dark, so I didn't go back again to my dear company that I owe hear with many things I feel with a great deal of loyalty to it but I want to change my career and my life.
I will search another job that I like and it will be interesting from my point of view,
One of my best enemies (we are friends but he just care about himself, he can't help anyone except himself) told me that there is a German gentle man works in Cairo in something related to websites, SEO! Oh I think I will like it, so Essam, my friend can you help my? Of course Zico (my nick name) but when Mr. Claudio comeback from Germany, ok my friend
And month after month, nothing happens, Essam when will be my interview with Mr. Claudio? He didn't answer
I understand now he heats good things for other people, I have to depend on myself to reach my prosper future so I kept searching by myself, I found many Claudios all of them working in seo, I sent them Emails, let's see what can be, after two days the response: negative, Egypt, no, I have to search harder than that
Linkedin, facebook, twitter, cairo business club. all of them, nothing.
I started to lose the hope gradually, till one day I receive email from Mr. Hossam Darwish (Chairman of the Arab e-Tourism Council at IOETI and Secretary General at IOETI ) inviting me to a conference organized by IOET, I opened the webpage what is this conference? Its okay, the attendants …………… Oh Cludio Klemp, May be my aim that I am searching from 5 months, I must contact him, effectively he responds, finally
After long time of waiting I will meet a person I didn't know before but I feel that he will give me the key to a happy life, really the first impression in the first meeting was great,
I will leave everything else in my life to change or format my mind and learn how to be, how to think, how to give, how to communicate, how to be creative, how to be producer of technology.
Yes this is the life, and how should it be

By Mohamed El Sayed

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  1. it's Really a very impressive story
    if it real you have got your future
    and you have to show other pople how to get thier life
    searching for the meaning of the life is a very important thing
    please a want I contact you , is it possible